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In the labs of Less Win, post-punk is fused with no wave, forging a musical Frankenstein monster of angular guitars, distorted bass-lines and hard-hitting drumming combined with contrasting vocals. This dichotomy adds a dreamy element to even their most weighty and abrasive tracks – the melodic hides in the nooks and crannies of Less Win’s musical universe, even when they are at their most sinister.

With the release of their new record TRUST in June, Less Win are bringing the new material on the road. On TRUST, the trio have for the first time taken to the studio, where they explored new genres and instrumentation.

The result, though raw, is anything but lo-fi. The songs range from the drunkenly playful, verging on the lecherous à la Histoire de Melody Nelson, through the danceable and ecstatically moving, to songs more funereal and heavy than anything the band has ever done.

Here, strings are a haunting undercurrent, threatening to pull the listener under; treacherous atmospherics that contrast the otherwise melodic and, at times, startlingly poppy music. Here, pianos sound like sledgehammers, and saxophones like wailing widows and tearing fabric. At the core of it all, Casper Morilla and Patrick Kociszewski’s guitar and bass lock with Matthew Moller’s hardhitting and nuanced drumming. Always the record sounds crystal clear, bringing the vocal scope of singers Morilla and Kociszewski to the forefront, both singing with clear confidence just a breath away from the deranged, often toeing the line between the two.

TRUST was released June 24th 2016 on Big Oil Recordings

Live, the sonic assault Less Win concoct is performed at bursting point, leaving you on the edge with a feeling that everything could go wrong at any time. Their performance feels wrought with danger, and stretches and renders each moment something precious and beautiful, savoured for its impermanence.

Less Win played with the likes of: Iceage, Crystal Stilts, Lower, The Men, Spray Paint…

“This sounds like all the best bands of the 80’s and 90’s channelled into one glorious, raw album” -8/10 Louder Than War Magazine 

“TRUST is a dark beauty and a rare wonder.” – **** The Skinny

“Danish trio mix it up for excellent post-punk debut” – 8/10 Uncut Magazine 

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