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Groovy rhythms, guitar acrobatics and wild live shows are some of the words that might cross your mind when speaking about Mutiny On The Bounty. The Luxembourg quartet have been showcasing their unique brand of Math-rock and Instrumental Music throughout Europe and have played close to 500 shows supporting bands such as Biffy Clyro, And so I Watch You From Afar, TTNG or Maps & Atlases as well as playing some of the biggest festivals like roskilde, primavera or Fusion festival.

Following on from their last album ‘Trials’ re- leased in 2012 and recorded by producer Matt Bayles, Luxembourg post-rock quartet Mutiny On The Bounty are ready to release their new album ‘Digital Tropics’.

The new album sees the band fully embrace their instrumental side which was heavily championed on their last album. Of the new album the band say: “Digital Tropics englobes all the facets of our personalities going from rock, to electro and more varied influences such as 80’s pop or even hip-hop. It gives a wider range of emotions and we believe that it’s a powerful al- bum. We’re really proud of this album and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The appropriately named lead track ‘MkL JksN’ is the perfect introduction to ‘Digital Tropics’, with reverb soaked and groove-infused stac- cato melodies from the guitars dancing around a technical and mechanically intricate rhythm section. Elsewhere tracks such as ‘Telekinesis’ infuse slightly heavier riffs and driving rhythm with guitars that sound closer to keys or synths than strings, giving the track a diverse and up- lifting feel. This is where the inclusion of new in- fluences can be heard, at times you can almost

hear elements of kraftwerk, whereas other areas are closer to bands such as AsIWYFA, Fara- quet or Battles. similarly this can also be heard in ‘Ecliptic’ which darts between the realms of electro, math-rock, and Vangelis/Brad Fiedel- esque moments of euphonious orchestration. MOTB are a band that have soared from strength-to-strength with every album by delv- ing further into their individual personalities

to explore new sounds and composition tech- niques. In doing so the band have reached new territory exploring a more deceivingly moody soundscape than ‘Trials’ which is both techni- cally challenging yet entirely danceable.

‘Digital Tropics’ is a work of relentless conver- gence and exploratory disposal that reaches to the heart of both emotional and creative expres- sion. The result of which has created MOTB’s most diverse and accomplished album to date.

Roskilde Festival: “It’s not just well-executed and with more ideas in one song than many bands use on an entire album. It is also brutally beautiful, melodic gui- tar rock that will appeal to everyone who digs music with both balls and brain.”

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