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Nana Benz du Togo

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The feminist voodoo musical revolution is on and is called the NANA BENZ DU TOGO. "Who does not respect nature, does not respect woman ".

Led by three singers, Togolese priestesses, this collective intends to upset the patriarchal society by unveiling an anchored DIY music, where traditions and urban rhythms 
transport listening to a futuristic dimension.

Nana Benz du Togo is inspired by the journey of these strong women of the 50s, business ladies of loincloths and wax who boosted the history of Togo. Worthy heirs to their courage and pan-Africanism, Lady Apoc, Izea Ledu and Parus Kekeli take up the torch calling for the emancipation of African women within a feminist and powerful digital voodoo project.

Guided by the commandments of the supreme deity, Mother Nature, the Nana Benz of Togo appropriate voodoo harmonies in a militant soul supported by complex rhythms produced by instruments created from recycled materials. The 100% Do It Yourself rhythm section is made up of Toto Tchilatchi’s recycled drums and Kasanku’s PVC tube bass. Together, they create a groove that draws on the ancestral sounds of Dahomey and the electronic atmospheres present in the streets of Lomé. NBT’s first album recorded in the capital, under the leadership of Peter Solo (leader of Voodoo Game), reconciles eras and generations and brings an unprecedented fusion to the music of the African continent.

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