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EBB Music is a booking and artist management agency specialised in forward thinking music from all over the world, representing the very best established artists and upcoming talents across genres such as, (afro) jazz, psychedelic pop and electronic music in all its forms and – especially – anything that crosses the borders between these styles. Formerly known as Earth Beat and BLIP, the companies join forces from July 2022 onwards in order to serve their artists even better across the Europe, Benelux and rest of the world. The extended expertise and network enables the newly found company to organise even more shows than in the past.

More than an agent: management and coaching

What makes EBB Music stand out is our approach to collaborating with artists. Rather than just organising as many shows as possible, EBB Music operates from a deep understanding of artist careers. Planning is a big part of what we do. We deliver bespoke advice to the artists we work with, and that’s not just the artists on our management roster. We bring much more to the table than just getting you lots of shows. We carefully plan tours in consultation with the artists and the teams we work with and, if needed and desired, we also deliver more in-depth advice when it comes to career planning. 

Borderless music deserves worldwide representation

EBB Music was built on the realisation that in Europe, artists from the US and the UK were historically over represented, whilst incredible artists from other continents hardly ever played in Europe. It is part of EBB Music’s goal to change the world’s live music landscape by making it more  diverse: by giving non-European artists a chance to build a career in Europe, but also the other way around; EBB Music has enabled many European artists to play shows and build their careers in overseas continents. 


Internationalisation comes with responsibility. As a company EBB Music realises that where travel is involved, there is always the challenge to keep footprints at a minimum. Bringing the artists to their audience is a cleaner solution than the other way around, but the potential damage is considerable nevertheless. Therefore EBB Music and its artists always take the planet into account when planning tours. As part of UIMA we support the Green Rider to reduse the ecological footprint.

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