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nand – singer, trumpeter and producer – has been gracing the German-language music scene for the past three years with his very own style of synth-pop, pop-chanson and electrobeats. nand’s songs range from the catchy (“Wohlfühlen”, “Aperol Spritz”), sensual and lascivious (“Lust auf Dich”, “Wäre ich gern ein Pornostar”) to the profound and lyrical (“Sonnenblumenfeld”, “So wie du bist”).

Current album “Durch die Blume” is a musical road trip through a variety of sub-genres. Pop, indie pop, electro, bangers for the club, anthems for open air gigs… his is a versatility that’s no longer as rare as it once was. Or in simple terms, it’s just what those in their mid-twenties listen to these days, having grown up with the luxury of video and streaming services and become familiar with an enormous range of music at an early age. That’s a far greater range than young people were exposed to previously, back when music still had to be painstakingly purchased as physical recordings. 

Stylistically and lyrically, the tall twenty-something explores a broad spectrum of inspirations and sources, embodying multiple genres which find a common denominator in an 80s vibe all his own. In addition to nand’s unique voice and the distinctiveness of his poetic lyrics, more than anything it is his virtuoso trumpet playing that makes a nand song immediately recognisable. This theme is carried over into the visuals: music videos and photos are lavishly produced by highly regarded, mostly young creatives, and are always conceived as a stand-alone part of the whole. 

Let’s take a quick look back. In early 2021, nand’s biggest track to date – “Wohlfühlen” – provides the theme and music for a major TV advertising campaign on German television. Since then, nand has established himself as one of the most acclaimed newcomers on the German-language music scene. The resulting sold-out “wie es ist” tour in spring 2023 is nand’s first headline tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In autumn of the same year, the “Durch die Blume” tour follows – in front of crowds of up to 1,000 enthusiastic fans. A Paul Seul remix of “Dachlatte” goes viral on a social media platform. Performances at the Reeperbahn Festival, Dockville and last but not least at the legendary Fusion turn into celebrations that will be talked about for a long time. nand’s progress has been breathtaking. 

With this level of eclecticism and attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that nand’s live performances are also special: supported by friend and soundscape designer lucidlavalamb, the two musicians break with the traditional structure of live shows by weaving their own songs into a live DJ set. They use the opportunity to get their idea across to the rapt audience: Come together! Free your mind, at least while the show lasts. Feel good! Dance, even if you think you look like an idiot! No tearing others down today, right here and now is your safe space – let’s dance! 

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