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Jansouz is the musical narration of two siblings, Sepand and Khorshid Dadbeh, from their interpretations of the Iranian cultural world. They named their ensemble Jansouz after the artistic name of their grandfather, a renowned maestro in the field of singing and the cultural history of Iranian music.

The members of Jansouz have grown and flourished in a rich artistic environment and now they are combining a musical self-discipline of ancient musicians with a novel understanding of the modern time.

Sepand and Khorshid Dadbeh present a nostalgic but atypical musical journey through the rich Persian culture, focusing on, but not only playing, the two prominent instruments: the ud and tanbur.

Khorshid Dadbeh is an Iranian tar, tanbour, and setar player. She grew up in an artistic family and started her musical journey playing setar with her father. After that she went to study at the Conservatory of Tehran. She studied tanbour with Sohrab Pournazeri and tar with Houshang Zarif, Katrin Kimiai, and Ali Ghamsari. She stepped into professional activities when she was only sixteen years old, performing with the Shams Ensemble. During all these years, she has had the privilege of joining artists and musicians on their tours, both internationally and within Iran. Khorshid completed her musical studies with a master’s degree at Codarts-University for the Arts in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Sepand Dadbeh is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist, artistic director and producer. Of course he too grew up in the same artistic family. He first took up the tombak, moving on to specialize in ud and tanbour under supervision of some of the best musicians in Iran such as Sohrab Pournazeri and Arsalan Kamkar. Sepand became a member of the Shams ensemble, led by maestro Kaykhosrow Pournazeri in 2011 while performing alongside great artists such as Sohrab and Tahmoures Pournazeri, Homayoun Shajarian, Alireza Ghorbani, and Antoni Rey.

He also graduated Bachelor of Arts in Music from Tehran University. He completed his Master in World Music at the Codarts University of Rotterdam, where he also worked and studied in the field of Maqam music with maestro Kudsi Erguner as his educator.

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