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TootArd, a genre-fluid duo comprising visionary brothers Hasan and Rami Nakhleh, is celebrated for their boundless creativity, consistently reshaping their musical landscape with each new release.

Their artistry is a fusion of global pop hooks and quarter-tone melodic lines, crafting a distinctive blend of disco and dance music that draws inspiration from the rich musical traditions of SWANA (South-West Asia, North Africa) and beyond.

TootArd effortlessly melds retro funk elements with a contemporary, high-sheen sonic palette, resulting in a captivating and boundary-pushing musical journey. Their music transcends geographical borders, captivating audiences worldwide and solidifying their status as a dynamic force in the global music scene.

“Fraternal duo TootArd release ‘Migrant Birds’, a homage to 80s Beirut disco stacked with pitch-bending percussion and joyous, earworming synth melodies.” The Guardian

“A love letter to the PSR-62 Oriental, the sythnesiser whose quarter tones and popping drum sounds fuelled 1980s dance floors from Beirut to the Gulf.” **** Financial Times

“The catchy pop hooks and machine beats layered with Arabic quarter-tone melodies evoke the hedonistic dance floors of Cairo or Beirut in the 1980s – although that’s only half the story. Underneath the frothy confection lie darker lyrics about exile and statelessness.” Uncut

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