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No, your brain hasn’t melted, you just witnessed some music by Los Siquicos Litoraleños (The Clairvoyants of El Litoral). This band is a collective from Argentina originally from Curuzú Cuatiá: a city located in northeastern part, in an area known as El Litoral. The inhabitants of this area are known as Litoraleños.

From this tropical and torrid land, Los Siquicos Litoraleños developed their unique language, slowly building their own aesthetic in the shape of a surreal mythology and vivid mind-bending folklore. In a completely anarchistic way they combine rural psychedelia, traditional rhythms and crazy experimentation as if from outer space.
Embracing classic acoustic and electric instruments such as guitars and percussion and adding toy keyboards, shortwave radios and all sort of domestic machines (i.e. washing machines and freezers) stuffed with vast array of sound-damaging effects, they craft baffling otherworldly and uncanny tunes that cover the whole span of native, well-known genres of tropicalia, cumbiambas, rebajadas and chicha, gaining the band their title of “el Pink Floyd de los pobres”, the Pink Floyd of the poor.

“The ramshackle feeling of Crisis de Hiperrealidad is intoxicating. Every slab of music on this EP is a party. Drowned cumbia slithers through neon debris, sprightly rhythms pulling the strings that keep every second of this music moving. Country-fried woozy guitars skip across hot coals with a face full of sloshing surrealistic melody. Nothing here quite makes sense, but I don’t want it to. Electronics fuse with a noisy holler and psych-soaked, futuristic folk weirdness, chasing the tail of roadhouse blues. It’s absolutely wild. Never let these good times end. What a fucking treat.” – Brad Rose in The Capsule Garden (2023)

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