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Nu Acid Latam Sound from Belgium-Mexico

Memo Pimiento is a live producer/musician who create the craziest sounds and effects from his analogue and digital keyboards and samplers. He is accompanied by a contagious exalted vocalist, changing the concept of concert into FIESTA.

The result is a kind of psychedelic electro-cumbia: A mix of cumbia chicha (Perú) with other styles like sonidera (Mexico) villera (Argentina) and European electronic music like synthpop and krautrock. Kraftwerk meets Latin America.

Memo Pimiento began to build a fan base on wild dancing parties in Brussels, where they are based since 2012, bringing the warm and latin energy to electronic dance floors. Their public is as diverse as the population in Brussels. Not just latinos are testing this new latin fusion but also europeans, africans, arabs… This psychedelic cocktail can seduce any ethnic group.

Memo Pimiento has shared stage with artists such as Ghetto Kumbé (COL) Meridian Brothers (COL) Acid Arab (FRA) Golden Dawn Arkestra (USA) La Dame Blanche (CUB) Sonido Gallo Negro (MEX) Trans- X (CAN) Anarkia Tropikal (CHIL) Branko (PT) Kumbia Boruka (FRA) Rafael Aragon (FRA) among others.

In 2018 Memo Pimiento released they first album under the Belgian label Rebel Up! Records named A Todo Dar, in vinyl format with distribution throughout Europe and Mexico. This is an album where most of the tracks are instrumental, splattered with voices singed by Manon, Memo and their daughter of 6 years old at that moment. Those happy sings and shouts are reminiscent of the joyful traditional Mexican parties.

In 2020 the duo released the EP Chin! with the label Folcore Records from Barcelona. In this new album Manon’s singing is impregnated with avant-garde vocoder and auto-tune updating the cumbia panorama. The multicultural influences that Memo encountered in Brussels, both Middle Eastern and African, are most evident in this EP with its characteristic acid sound.

In 2022 Memo launched a new Instrumental EP vinyl colour splatter edition thinked for children, making versions of european classic and popular music on electro cumbia versions named Classe- Hic. Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and the greek weiding theme Misirlou, on pineapple and coconut

By 2024 Memo Pimiento will release their fourth album named Hybrid Gun, where combines not only the genres of cumbia and electronica, it also makes use of other current rhythms such as reggaeton, salsa, with elements of pop, trap, noise rock among others.

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