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“I am not Ecco2K but Ecco2K is me”… Designer, photographer and director Zak Arogundade has been active within the world of music since the mid 2010’s, using his audiovisual project Ecco2K as a vessel to continuously explore and reinterpret himself, constructing a conceptually unified but expressively sprawled self-portrait. Continuously experimenting and meshing the diverse set of creative disciplines he grew up learning, his practice has grown into something beyond the sum of it ́s parts, specialising in building narratives that span across multiple mediums.

Through non-linear, modular song crafting over a period of roughly 1,5 years, “E” brought Ecco2K halfway around the world to perform, write and record, spawning each part of the definitive expression between points on a fragmented timeline, ultimately making the journey the destination. 

Essentially, “E” is the sum of Ecco2K ́s  journey from early 2018 (with the release of “AAA powerline”) to the final weeks of the decade; an uncompromising set of songs, a carefully arranged chaos bound together by  transcendental themes, eccentric rythmic substructures and hyper-melodic, soaring arrangements.

Like meeting the gaze of an uncanny reflection, Ecco2K’s debut is equal parts unsparing vulnerability and childlike playfulness, generating a theoretically conflicting (but ultimately embracing)  duality made with manic obsession and unconditional love.

Latest press update:
The Face
“E furthers Ecco2K’s chaotic approach to music…an evolution of his esoteric artistry.”
Office Magazine
“Detailing vulnerable lines of self growth and discovery, the album makes it hard—or impossible—to not relate”
“an emotive work that channels Ecco’s own life experiences. It makes for an autobiographical debut, adding yet another layer to Arogundade.”
Soul Feeder
“a poetic declaration of an extraordinary artist”

E is featured on Dazed’s ‘10 best moments, dramas and trends in 2019’s weird world of pop’ Pitchfork review by Nathan Smith

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