Psychedelic rock, 60-70's Thai funky beat nostalgia, Molam and Luk Thung attitude

Khana Bierbood

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Khana Bierbood was formed, at Bangsaen Beach, in 2012 after having spend uni life playing and jamming together with their similar passion for music. The band started to create their unique sound influenced by 60-70’s western psychedelic music combined with Thai contemporary music from back in the time such as Thai Funk, Luk Thoung and Molam. Many stories and experiences have been refined and arranged into simply lyrics but hidden with wit.

In 2019 their first full length LP was produced by Go Kurosawa (Kikagaku Moyo) in Tsubame studio in Tokyo. For their sophomore album Go comes to Thailand to produce “Monolam” that is considered another milestone for Khana Bierbood. The core of this album consists of a fun, happy mood with a rhythm that emphasizes more groovy. This upcoming album can therefore be considered an interesting step beyond the traditional musical framework that they have made. The album will be released in autumn 2024 on Guruguru Brain.

The band is,

GOB – vocal and guitar
JAY – bass
PEEP – percussions
MO – guitar
LITA – keyboards
PEEM – drums

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