Ko Shin Moon

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Cosmopolitanism, omnisightseeing and exploration are the creeds of Ko Shin Moon

Ko Shin Moon was born in 2017, at a crossroads between traditional Eastern strings and electronic music machines. After spending four years in India collecting folk instruments, Axel Moon discovered that his old friend Niko Shin had started a recording studio filled with analog synths and vintage gear.

From this private haven, Ko Shin Moon create otherworldly, hybrid melodies where psychedelia meets space disco. Their credo: eclecticism, cosmopolitanism and hybridity. In this musical journey, repertoires, genres and times blend and form a new language.

On stage, Ko Shin Moon’s fiery music pieces unfold to create an immersive listening and dancing experience. Their live performances have thrilled audiences at multiple French and international avant-garde music events.

2017 – Ko Shin Moon – album (Akuphone)

2019 – 78 Fragments – album (Akuphone)

2020 – Leïla Nova – album (Akuphone)

2020 – Miniature 1 – EP (Ko Shin Moon)

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