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Afrodiasporic electronics from Colombia

Indus is a duo composed of producer Oscar Alford and percussionist Andres Mercado, aka Doc Keyta. Managing the band’s electronic side, Alford has worked with the likes of Richard Blair (Sidestepper), John Montoya (ZZK Records) and Ghetto Kumbé, among others.

Indus is blending ancestral Colombian sounds with analog electronics. The Bogotá based duo has released one album (2020) and three singles (2020 – 2021) independently, and also two EP’s (2020 – 2022) on the Afro-Colombian label Palenque Records.

Sounds are ranging from Champeta-inspired Techno to Downtempo by way from Currulao and Afro-pop, strongly influenced by the numerous elements of African and Afro-descendant cultures permeating Colombian music.

Indus live act is an energetic discharge of analog acid synthesizers and afro-percussion, an invitation to dance and travel through the reinterpretations of ancient Colombian sounds. The band has performed at the most important festivals in Colombia like Colombia al Parque (Bogotá) and more recently in Festival Mutek (Montreal – Canada). Their second studio album will be released in 2024 on the label ZZK Records.

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