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THE GRAMMY®AWARD-NOMINATED TURKISH PSYCH-FOLK INNOVATORRETURNS WITH A GROUNDBREAKING NEW COLLECTION OF REINVENTED, ANATOLIAN FOLK SONGS. Now the five piece outfit will drop two new originals, kırık cam and Valahi Yok, both will be released April 9 2024 on the first date of their European clubtour and as farewell to Merve, who decided to quit the band after the Spring tour. From this moment on the band will proceed as a five piece.

Hailing from Amsterdam but coming from various backgrounds, Altın Gün has captured the world’s imagination with an indelible fusion, for over five years now. The band combines psychedelic rock, deep funk, synthpop, cosmic reggae, and more with the rich and incredibly diverse traditions of Anatolian and Turkish folk music. Debut album On (2018) quickly captured the world’s attention and a year later the band earned a prestigious GRAMMY® Award nomination for “Best World Album” with it’s sophomore LP Gece (2019).

“This much raw virtuoso – without any sign of showing off – gets the audience going immediately” – 3voor12 vpro (freely translated from Dutch)

After two years of recording separately from home during the pandemic and releasing Âlem and Yol (2021) as a result, the band members of Altın Gün now recorded a live album in the studio again, called Aşk. This album sees Altın Gün swinging away from the electronic, synth-drenched sound of their home-recorded albums, to capture all the infectious power and urgency of the band’s famously, propulsive live performances. Aşk (2023) therefore marks a new start for the band, who’s ready to tour the world again.

Recorded using vintage equipment and techniques, the ten groundbreaking tracks on Aşk all represent visionary new readings of traditional Turkish folk tunes, revealing how these ancient songs remain eternally resonant and ripe for reinterpretation. This results in an exuberant return to the 70s Anatolian folk-rock sound that has characterized Altın Gün’s first two albums.

“Much like Gorillaz, Altın Gün concoct their improbable musical fusions in the service of pop music’s joys, rather than eat-your-greens musical worth” – Pitchfork

Renowned for their dizzyingly hypnotic live performances, Altın Gün has been lighting up stages all around the world, including sold out headline tours in North America, Europe, and the UK, along with show-stopping sets at top international festivals like Coachella (US), Lowlands (NL), Primavera Sound (SP), Fuji Rock (JP) and Iceland Airwaves (IS), to name but a few.

“Altın Gün delighted us with its Anatolian sounds, transporting us to other destinations that probably have the same heat as was felt on the dance floor” – Grapevine IS


The eagerly anticipated new album Aşk will be released by Glitterbeat Records/ATO Records and 

on Friday March 31. Before that, listeners can enjoy four singles: Rakiya Su Katamam, Leylim Ley and Güzelliğin On Para Etmez .

Altin Gün are:
Erdinç Ecevit (vocals and keyboards)
Thijs Elzinga (guitar)
Jasper Verhulst (bass)
Daniel Smienk (drums)
Chris Bruining (percussion).


2021 – Âlem (Bandcamp)
2021 – Yol (Glitterbeat and ATO Records) 
2019 – Gece (Glitterbeat and ATO Records) 
2018 – On (Bongo Joe Records) 


2023 – Güzelliğin On Para Etmez (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2023 – Rakiya Su Katamam (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2022 – Leylim Ley (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)                                                                                                  
2021 – Kısasa kısas (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2021 – Yüce Dağ Başında (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2020 – Ordunun Dereleri (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2019 –  Gelin Halayi/Div Div (Glitterbeat and ATO Records)
2019 –  Süpürgesi Yoncadan/Vay Vay (ATO Records)
2018 – Vay Vay (Bongo Joe Records) 
2018 – Hababam (Bongo Joe Recods) 
2017 – Tatli Dile Güler Yüze (Bongo Joe Records) 
2017 – Goca Dünya/Kırşehirin Gülleri (Bongo Joe Records)

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