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Zenobia زنوبيا

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Zenobia is the brainchild of Nasser Halahlih, a pioneer of the electronic music in the Middle East. He and his bandmate Isam Elias started this project in 2017 in Haifa, inspired by Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra, who lived and ruled the Levant region and Egypt in the third century AD.

Zenobia creates one of todays biggest synth sound between Haifa and Amman. It combines Arabic pop melodies of the Levant area passing through Palestine down to North Africa with electronic beats, incorporating the rhythms of Syrian and Palestinian Dabke and in addition Egyptian beats and atmosphere.

A strong live act, they have gathered a large fanbase in Palestine and Israel in a short time and have been a highlight of showcase festival PMX in Ramallah.

“Then comes the final act, Zenobia. Two guys at keyboards making pulsing electronic instrumentals that build to emotional climaxes, like some crazy Kraftwerk of the Levant, and wild Arabic double-time clapping spreads through the crowd.” – The Guardian 

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