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Who’s Jacques ? Jacque + Jacque = Jacques. Jacques’ haircut is obviously not inspired from Keith Flint (Prodigy). Actually it was choosen to become more self confident, as he explains it during is TED conference - a kind of challenge against shame.

A further advantage of the « Anti-Hipster » haircut is that it forces him not to have a boring job and to sleep with very open minded girls. A good way to stop judging others is making fun of the other people’s judgment. Concerning the music : Inspired by Berlin Techno as well as the French Touch, Jacques’ music is a journey to discover the beauty present in each sound that we hear around us – from the rain falling to a cat eating – everything is a source of inspiration for him.  Jacques records sounds of everyday life and then pitches, EQ, Warp, loop and organizes it. A way to create a unique experimental sound far from the snares and the kicks that we can hear everywhere. Well, he also uses synths to create an harmony, but, they are still very discreet. His music can be hard to describe, Jacques summarizes it as : Transversal Techno.

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