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King Ayisoba returns with a new album 'Work Hard', a wild mashup of frenetic kologo sounds and musical deep dives from an exciting roster of Ghanaian electronic producers, which solidifies his reputation as both a shamanic performer and a restless sonic experimenter. The album, to be released by Glitterbeat on 17 February 2023, was curated by King's longtime collaborator Zea from Dutch legends The Ex.

“This is fierce, uncompromising music” – The Wire

The Northeast of Ghana is the ethnic centre of the Frafra people and the heartland of kologo music. Central to the music is the kologo instrument, as played by King Ayisoba, a lute from Northern Ghana with a minimal design: a calabash, covered in goat skins, and boasting only two strings. 

“People Talk Too Much” is the first single which follows “Bossi Labome”. Featuring fellow kologo player Ayuune Sule as well as Arnold de Boer aka Zea (who also recorded, produced and mixed this song), the song talks about how people can be loud in promising others without fulfilling them. Ghanaians all over the world promised to invite the King of Kologo, King Ayisoba, but honestly failed to do. His advice to Ghanaians and people all over the world is that “action speaks louder than words” so they should do more and talk less.


« Work Hard  » – February 2023 Glitterbeat Records 

« 1000 Can Die  » – March 2017 Glitterbeat Records 

« Wicked Leaders » – 2014 Makkum Record (Benelux / Japon) – March 2015 Mansalive Production – Mix et Mé- tisse (France)

«Modern Ghanians» Compilation LP – 2012 Makkum Records (Europe) – came out in 2013

«Don’t do the bad thing» album, 2012 Pidgin music re- cord label (Afrique)

«Africa» – 2008 Pidgin music record label (Afrique)

«Modern Ghanians» – 2006 Pidgin music record label (Afrique)

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