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HAMRAAZ is a duo, playing Iranian and Armenian music. The duo started after Lucie Lelaurain and Khorshid Dadbeh met each other at Codarts, the Conservatory of Rotterdam, in 2021. Both these two musicians are multi-instrumentalists and it has given them the power and possibility to create music in different genres based on their academic background. The characteristics of blending the sound of their instruments motivated them to build up this magical combination more and more.

Hamraaz likes to create the music of today, inspired by traditional music from modal and maqam music that they have grown up with. They are passionate combining all those rich cultures organically, creating and playing a modal music that embodies all those cultures.

Their music takes its inspiration from the beauty of modality, the dynamic character of the duduk (kind of flute) and flute, and the rich rhythms coming from the strokes of the tanbour (kind of lute) and the tar (kind of lute).

Lucie Lelaurain grew up with traditional Auvergne music by playing the transverse flute and later she fell in love with the playing the duduk. After she got her bachelor’s degree at the conservatory in France, she lived for two years in Istanbul to go deeper into the world of modal music. Currently she is studying at Codarts.

Khorshid Dadbeh studied tar, setar, and tanbour in Iran and later she got her master’s in performing music from Codarts. After she came to the Netherlands she started to promote Iran’s culture and music and integrate her music in collaboration with other musicians. 

Despite their respect for the traditional music they have studied and grown up with, they have always been interested in being a contemporary musician and interpreting the music of their time. This ambition brought them together to compose their own music and play improvisations besides traditional and old songs.

In their short timespan they already played at places like the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, De Centrale in Ghent and Le Dada in Toulouse.

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