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Dasom Baek 백다솜

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Dasom Baek  is a composer, improviser, lecturer and performer of traditional Korean instruments, including Daegeum, Sogeum, Danso and Saenghwang. Dasom pursues ground-breaking and modern music rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance.

She was selected to play at the 2020 APaMM showcase, organised by the Ulsan Cultural Foundation, and at the Jazz Korea Festival 2020, organised by the Korean Cultural Centre in Germany. In August of the same year she released her debut album, titled <무(無):  Nothingness> . In 2021 she was selected to showcase at SXSW Festival and also had a solo concert at the National Gugak Center in Seoul.

On her latest album Mirror City, Dasom explores ideas of solitude and community within cities and the effects this has on inhabitants. Wishing to hold a mirror up to modern life, she uses music to express the emotions of the people living in the city.

“People have plenty of choices and the convergence of all these choices create infinite possibilities in the city. What impact have I left on my city through my choices?”

Dasom’s contemporary expression of these ancient instruments bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sonic experimentation. Sparse and spacious, Mirror City layers textured ambient sounds and chopped dusty vocal patterns, all set to the rasping and rich timbres of the Daegeum and Sogeum.

Mirror City also features the incredible work of Minseon Choi who plays Ajeang on the album; a zither with twisted silk strings that is played with a slender stick. Collectively the Sogeum, Daegeum and Ajeang represent a part of Korean musical culture that is starting to regain more attention. With Mirror City, Dasom Baek hopes to showcase the power these heritage instruments can have in contemporary music.

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