BLiP Agency and Earth Beat become EBB Music

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BLiP Agency and Earth Beat become EBB Music

Amsterdam based agencies Earth Beat and BLiP join forces to become EBB Music 

From July 2022 onwards Earth Beat and BLiP Agency have officially become EBB Music. A collaboration that’s been in the making during the past few years, the two agencies expect that their combined knowledge and network will provide even better services to the artists on their rosters which now become one. We look forward to help artists build the next steps in their careers with our team. 

Building on 25 years of experience
EBB Music’s co-founders Jeroen van den Bogert, Ronald Keizer and Jerome Williams bring decades of experience to the company, having worked in the worlds of (afro) jazz, psychedelic pop, electronic music in all its forms and – especially – anything that crosses the borders between these styles. Jerome’s Earth Beat has built a strong reputation as a tour and concert booking agency over the course of its 20+ year existence. BLIP – an agency with deep roots in the left of centre music scene – was founded in 2016 by Ronald & Jeroen to become a successful agency and reliable partner for their international artists and partners.

More than an agent: management and coaching
EBB Music operates from a deep understanding of artist careers, and it shows in the amount of thought the company puts into planning shows and everything around this. EBB Music delivers bespoke advice to their artists and not just to the ones on the management roster. Members of the EBB Music team regularly speak at international conferences and showcase-festivals.

EBB Music has an outspoken and diverse roster. EBB Music dedicatedly fills this void by representing not only artists from Europe and the USA, but also from Africa, Asia and South America.

Internationalisation comes with responsibility. As a company EBB Music realises that where travel is involved, there is always the challenge to keep footprints at a minimum. Bringing the artists to their audience is a cleaner solution than the other way around, but the potential damage is considerable nevertheless. EBB Music believes that to be in the live music business for the long run is to be sustainable. EBB Music endorses the green rider as set-up by

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