Benefit Turkey & Syria in Paradiso

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Benefit Turkey & Syria in Paradiso

📌 Thursday 16th of February

Thousands of people were affected by multiple strong earthquakes and aftershocks in Turkey and Syria on Monday February 6th. The earthquakes caused immense damage and the death toll has now risen above 15,000 (and is quickly increasing still). Urgent aid is needed, both in the short and long term.

Therefore various Dutch artists with Turkish, Kurdish and Syrian roots have come together under the leadership of Altın Gün (EBB Music) and Paradiso, to form the Benefit Turkey & Syria event.

All proceeds from the event, including the full proceeds from the bar, coat check, and ticket sales, will be donated to GIRO555

Ticket sales will start coming Friday at 08:00 AM –

Available for €25, but it’s possible to make an extra donation on top of this price.

Link in our bio for more info and tickets.

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