Mehmet Aslan – Live

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Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland to a Turkish immigrant family, and now based in Berlin, Mehmet Aslan has been driven by questions related to the fluidity of his own post-migrant identity since his breakthrough EP, ‘Mechanical Turk’, was released on Glasgow’s Huntleys + Palmers in 2014.

The subsequent years have seen Aslan grow as an artist as he interrogated the answers to these questions through music production & live performance, DJing and graphic design, leading to 2022’s debut studio album, ‘The Sun Is Parallel’. Released on Basel’s Planisphere Editorial, the album also featured contributions from Italian percussionist & composer Valentina Magaletti, Spanish composer Niño de Elche and Mehmet Aslan live band members Alican Tezer (drums) and Daniel Pankau (guitar).

Mehmet’s dynamic performances have electrified stages worldwide, leaving an unforgettable impression at top-tier venues and renowned festivals.

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