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Catherine Graindorge

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Catherine Graindorge is a Brussels-based violinist, violist , composer and actress. Over the years, she has built her craft by mixing disciplines, creating theater performances as a writer and actor, composing music for her own shows and for others.

She worked with international artists such as Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Mark Lanegan, Debbie Harry
(The Jeffrey Lee Pierce sessions project), and Pascal Humbert (16Horsepower). In September 2022 she released a 4-track EP featuring Iggy Pop, The Dictator, on Glitterbeat. And on 26 April 2024 she released her newest album Songs for the Dead, also on Gliiterbeat. This album is a special project: apart from her longtime accompanist Simon Ho, Catherine Graindorge collaborates on this album with Simon Huw Jones (And Also The Trees) and Pascal Humbert (16 Horsepower).

Catherine’s music is a kind of psychedelic soundtrack: an immersive, intense and drone-like
soundscape charged with underlying tension that needs to explode, just like a volcano on the brink of

Apart from her project Songs for the Dead, that she performs live with a quartet, Catherine Graindorge performs as a solo artist or as a duo with Simon Ho. In these solo and duo shows she not only plays material from her earlier records like Eldorado and The Dictator, but also from het latest release Songs for the Dead.

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